Master User Agreement

This agreement is held between the Client (Hereby Referred as “You”, “Your”, “Client”) and Cenmax Exim Limited (Hereby Referred as “Service Provider”, “We”, “Our”, “us”). Every Registered User of Cenmax Exim Limited and its Subordinate Companies comes under this Master Agreement as they Electronically defines that they have read and Agreed the Agreement at the Time of Signup.


Affiliate Terms & Policy

Affiliate Signup, Tracking & Payout is Completely Automated using WHMCS Limited’s Software. Cenmax Exim Limited and its Subordinate Companies has nothing to do incase of Misfunctions. However, We try to solve your Problems. We don’t warrant that the System is 100% Bug Free and we don’t warrant any Resolution in any Cases. By Signing up as an Affiliate or by Enrolling in our Affiliate Program, You agree that Payment will be made only through PayPal. It may take upto 4 Weeks for Processing the Payment Electronically after the Withdrawal Request is Received.  Affiliates agree that If a Refund is given under Moneyback Guarantee or under any other policy for an Affiliate Referred Service, We will cancel the Commission Amount. In case, If commission is Payed out, We will hold the Sum Affiliate Commission on next Payout. If Payout isn’t requested within 45 Days of Intimation or if that particular Affiliate haven’t got enough Conversions for Payout, We will create an Invoice in that particular Affiliate Account and it should be Paid within 45 Days. Else, Affiliates account will be Deleted and the Commissions pending Payout in your Account will be Reverted back to Cenmax Exim Limited or to its Subordinate Companies. The Right to use the Term “Cenmax Official” or “Official Cenmax” in PPC ads are Prohibited. Affiliates are free to purchase domain names with our Company Name (ie., and use it. But, Affiliates are Prohibited from Purchasing Domain Names with exact prefix (“Cenmax”) in their Domain (Ie.,, Affiliates are also Prohibited from making Domain Wildcard Redirection with their Affiliate Links. Affiliates agree that they will not Display any other coupons that are not Provided by Appropriate Account Managers. If and Affiliate’s Referral enters such Coupon Codes and completes an Purchase, The Commission will be Cancelled by the Administration of Cenmax Exim Limited. Affiliate Agrees that Cenmax Exim Limited has all Privileges on their Affiliate Account. Cenmax Exim Limited reserves right to Delete any Affiliate Commission, Affiliate Account and to Access the Affiliates Account and make any Actions as an Affiliate without any Prior Notices, Prior Intimation and even without any Reasons.


Terms of Service

  • Glossary:
    Business Days: Monday to Friday
    Working Days: Monday to Sunday (All 7 Days of a Week)
  • Cenmax does not allow websites of Satta, fraudulent Activity, Phishing or anything which is against law.
  • Cenmax does not allow websites to host on its servers which has any kind of pornographic contents and adult websites or any other illegal contents.
  • Shared hosting will be setup Almost Instantly. In Certain Cases, It may get delays upto 48 Hours.
  • We allow Client’s to add Client Balance. In some cases we too add Client Balance to the Account. Client Balance is not Refundable. Automatically generated invoices will always check to see if a client has a positive Credit Balance and auto apply money from the credit to the invoices when generated. If sufficient, the Credit Balance will zero the balance on the invoice and result in it being processed as paid automatically without the customer having to do anything.
  • Setup of Dedicated Server, VPS & Reseller Hosting may Take upto 2 Business Days [INDIA].
  • Cenmax does not allow to distribute pirated software, songs, mp3s or any other pirated contents on the hosted websites. If any of our customer, reseller or reseller’s customer is found doing these kind of activities from our servers, their site (or sites) will be removed from server without any prior information and Cenmax will not be responsible for any kind of data loss for those customers.
  • If Cenmax Receives any kind of Spam Complaints, We will instantly Suspend the Server or Hosting Service. In such cases, SLA Credits won’t be given to the client considering it as a fault of him.
  • If Client fails to Reply to Abuse Incident Mail or Support Ticket within 24 hours with Complete Resolution on the Case, Cenmax reserves the Right to Terminate his server with all data associated with it. In such cases, Cenmax is not responsible for Data Losses Incurred and Refund won’t be provided.
  • Cenmax does not allow website having content to defame any person, religion, community, orgnaization etc, if you host any such website, your account will be terminated immediately.
  • If any customer still purchases our services for any illegal activity, it will be terminated immediately and there will not be any refund.
  • Cenmax does not allow bulk/spam mailing from our SMTP servers. Any email account found sending bulk/spam emails will be terminated.
  • Cenmax does not allow any kind of spamming from our servers.
  • Email service is for customer’s personal or business usage only and customer must not provide email ids to any third party or general public (free or paid email services), customer is responsible for any miss use of their email ids.
  • Unlimited Plans must be used for web hosting purpose only and all data should be related to your website content, we do not offer hosting for data storage, file sharing or desktop applications. For Desktop Application and data storage hosting please get in touch with our sales team for customized plans.
  • Inode count is a Number of Files in a particular account. A single inode represents a file in your website ( Includes image, files, emails etc). If Inode reaches to 100000 we stop taking weekly backup of your account and Inode limit must be below 200000. if it reaches to the limit of 200000 your account will get locked for new file creation (it also includes emails so your new incoming mails may start getting bounced back).

    We strongly recommend you to keep your Inode below 100000 to keep you account backed up every week.

  • Database servers must be also used from our web servers only, we do not offer database hosting used from other web servers or Desktop Applications. For Desktop Application or remote database connectivity hosting please get in touch with our sales team for customized plans.
  • If any website scripts found bad or resource hungry, will be stopped and customer will be informed by email. Once the customer checks and fix the problem in scripts, scripts can be allowed to run on servers with the approval of our technical team.
  • Cenmax upgrades the server, software and other tools time to time. For this purpose sometime we need to down some services for some certain time period. If in case of any upgrade, customer will be informed 24 hours prior to the downtime. The downtime is usually not more then 30-60 minutes.
  • Cenmax does not take responsibility for customer made scripts and scripts available on the Internet or from any other resources. Customer has to check all his scripts himself. In case the customer finds that any of our service is not working properly on his website, we can only show him sample scripts running on his website. We cannot check customer’s script completely.
  • Cenmax is not responsible for files and data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred.
  • Cenmax keep website logs of 30 days on the server. Prior to 30 days logs will be deleted time to time. If you need old log files we request you to download log files within 30 days to avoid the loss of log files.
  • Customer’s contact details must be complete and correct with the valid phone/mobile number.
  • Customer has to verify his phone/mobile number by giving us a missed call on +91 9444798642 and receive the revert call from the same number, if customer fails to verify his/her phone number, their services may be suspended until the verification is completed. Incase an International Client, Verifying Mail Adress becomes Mandatory.
  • Cenmax’s team review each and every customer profile and if they find any profile details incomplete or incorrect they may ask customer to provide a valid document proof of their identity and address proof e.g. Voter ID, Pan Card, Adaar Card or Passport, in case of international customer it must be a Government Issued ID Proof only.
  • Cenmax may suspend the customer’s account if their contact details are incomplete or incorrect and if they fail to provide the requested documents, Cenmax may terminate their account and there will not be any refund in that case.
  • We do not allow to host free domains in Free Trial Plans. Free Domains can be used while Purchasing a Hosting Service
  • The laws of the Republic of India shall govern this agreement.
  • Cenmax reserve the right of termination of Free trial account anytime without any prior notice.
  • cPanel License is Provided with Servers as an Addon. cPanel Licenses will not be Renewed from Cenmax’s End unless the Invoice for Next Term is Paid.
  • Cenmax reserve the right of termination of account without any Prior Notices
  • If Client needs to cancel his Dedicated, VPS or Shared Hosting, Client should intimate the Billing Team Regarding the same before 2 Working Days from the Effective Due Date. If client fails to provide Prior Intimation, Cenmax Exim Limited Reserves the Right to charge 30$ or 50% of the Sum Invoice Amount (whichever is greater or Whichever we wish to Charge) on Client’s Credit Card. If client haven’t added an Credit Card, We will raise an Invoice and it should be cleared within 2-3 Working Days.
  • Non-Payment for any kind of Services/Invoices raised will lead to Legal Actions.
  • In any event of dispute the area of Jurisdiction would be Chennai only.
  • Term & Conditions can be changed without any notification.



Refund Policy

We are dedicated to provide you the best services but there are times when things go wrong. We try our level best that there are no situations arising when you are not satisfied with what you have received or you find a difference between what you have ordered and what you have received. But at any time due to some unavoidable circumstances you are unsatisfied with what you have received then contact us at the earliest and we will gladly assist you to find out a solution with mutual consent.

If you find your hosting package is not as committed, get in touch with us within 15 days from activation date of your hosting service. On receiving your e-mail, our sales team will get in touch with you and try to provide you service as committed at the time of order but if you are still not satisfied with it your hosting payment will be refunded and your services will be deactivated.

Refund is not Possible if Service is Suspended due to Violation of Terms of Service or if the Product is Mis-Understood by the Client.

In case of Domain, VPS & Dedicated Server, there will be no refund once it is provisioned or renewed.

Providing Refund or not is under the Sole Decision of Cenmax Exim Limited’s Administration. If we decide not to Provide Refund, We will never provide a Refund. If Client Escalates the Issue and In Case if a Chargeback/Refund is provided by Payment Institution or Payment Gateway for Such Products, Legal Action will be taken Against Client through Honorable Courts and an Administration Dis-Honest Fine of 500$ + The Amount of Chargeback Will be Applied to the Client’s Account which should be Payed by the Client within 24 Days. If Refund is not Provided by Payment Institutions/Gateways, Still an Administration Dis-Honest Fine of 500$ Will be Applied and it should be Payed within 24 Days. If Client Fails to make a Fine Payment within Deadline, Legal Actions against the Client will be Taken.

Our ultimate aim is a satisfied and a happy customer.



Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy; hence we are very careful about the information collected from you. We do not use your information without your consent. We do not provide this information to anyone. The reasons why we collect your information are to complete your order successfully and provide you with the best customer service. We also intend to inform you about the renewals of your services and to inform you about the updates about your products, services and their prices. The information that we collect from you is name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other such information that are needed to process your order. The information you provide us will remain with us forever and will not be passed on to anyone at any cost, you can be rest assured. In case of domain registration, your information will be published on whois. There is an option to enable your privacy in some of the domain TLDs and you can enable it. But in those where privacy protection is not available, your Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number and Email ID will be available on domain whois as its mandatory by ICANN.